Motion results from our debate on fracking for shale gas

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November 30, 2013 by Adam Smith

The results of the votes from the recent sitting of the Rational Parliament, on 26 November, are in. Our topic was the extraction of shale gas by fracking. We had time for three Late Day Motions, which are proposed by members on the night, plus a full Spectrum Vote. For this, we asked members to stand on a spectrum with ‘for fracking’ at one end and ‘against fracking’ at the other. Their position on the spectrum indicates their level of support for fracking – check out the photos below.

Spectrum Votes

Before the debate

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After the debate

Fracking Spectrum Vote - post debate

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Late Day Motion 1

This house supports exploratory fracking to see if it is economically viable. Proposed by Kate Adams.

Yes: 31

No: 31

Abstentions: 5

Result: Tied (we didn’t have a process for this, so we’ll have to set one for next time!)

Late Day Motion 2

This house agrees we should let the free market decide fairly by removing tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuels. Proposed by Robin.

Yes: 18

No: 24

Abstentions: 25

Result: Motion lost.

Late Day Motion 3

This house moves that commercial fracking for shale gas development should be discontinued until we know more about the environmental and economic consequences. Proposed by HM.

Yes: 38

No: 22

Abstentions: 7

Result: Motion carried.


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