Can you help the Rational Parliament and its beleaguered clerk?

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March 18, 2014 by Adam Smith

So I’ve had to cancel next week’s sitting of the Rational Parliament, mostly due to low demand. The topic was voted for by our followers, so I have to assign some of the blame to my planning.

I need your help in planning future sittings. Are you up for it?

I started this project last year and have done almost all of the planning and organising myself. Loads of people have helped with really important bit and bobs, especially people connected to our amazing debating chamber at Conway Hall and the voluntary officers and clerks who turn up on the night and run the whole show. But all the planning, most of the legwork and all of the strategy has been done by one person, and that’s not good enough.

It’s daft for one person to run a project like this. I need more people with broader expertise or a bigger LinkedIn profile or more ideas than me. Lots of people have emailed or tweeted me to say they support the project. Now I just need a few of them to stand up and say, “Yeah, I’ll help!”

I don’t know who you are and what you can do and why you want to be involved, so email me. Tell me what you could do for the Rational Parliament. My plan is to put together something like a committee of planners. It wouldn’t require a lot of work or time from each of us individually.

I could use people with the following skills:

  • social media, especially the time needed to do it every so often
  • marketing and promotion
  • webby developmenty stuff (more than WordPress)
  • events organisation
  • volunteers for on the night – mic wranglers and list checkers
  • a familiarity with research and how and why researchers might participate in the Rational Parliament
  • contacts in universities, think tanks, campaigns, political parties
  • most importantly, a desire to improve the quality of political debate

If you’re based in London, where I am, that’s even better because I can meet you face to face. That said, ideas and energy from anywhere will be great.

I can’t wait to hear from you. What are you waiting for?

Your clerk,



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