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  1. Motion results from our debate on fracking for shale gas

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    November 30, 2013 by Adam Smith

    The results of the votes from the recent sitting of the Rational Parliament, on 26 November, are in. Our topic …
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  2. Words and photos from our debate on fracking!


    November 27, 2013 by Adam Smith

    Last night the Rational Parliament sat to debate fracking for shale gas in the UK. In total, 82 joined in with the debate, with others taking part from outside the chamber via Twitter. There was a great range of perspectives, experiences and viewpoints, including those of several researchers whose work covers different aspects of fracking.

  3. Fracking hell, what do we do about the energy crisis?

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    October 21, 2013 by Adam Smith

    After the first sitting of the Rational Parliament, I asked everyone who had turned up for what they’d like to debate next. The most popular answer? Fracking. So that’s exactly what we’re going to debate on 26 November: should we extract shale gas by fracking?

Next sitting: coming soon

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