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  1. Are wages too controversial? Why we have to cancel tomorrow’s debate

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    March 18, 2014 by Adam Smith

    I have to cancel tomorrow’s sitting of the Rational Parliament. I’m sad about this decision. It was to be our third sitting and we were going to debate how the government should be involved in setting wages, a topic voted on by the Rational Parliament’s friends and followers. I hoped we could cover the minimum wage, which is due to be set at a new level this year; the living wage, which has gained huge political momentum; and the idea of the citizen’s income.

    But it seems that not enough people are interested—we haven’t sold very many tickets. Perhaps more crushingly for the Rational Parliament, no researcher wants to come and debate with us. This is not the end of the project by the way—read all the way to the end 😉


Next sitting: coming soon

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