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Here are a few topics we might cover in a sitting of the Rational Parliament. Email your suggestions and reasons to or add them in the comments below.

Policy area Description
Badgers and bovine TB An epidemic among cattle threatens farmers’ livelihoods and food production. The government’s proposed strategy is to cull the badgers that transmit the disease. The weight of research seems to suggest that this policy will not be effective. Animal rights campaigners also claim it is wrong.
Alcohol minimum pricing A policy now dropped from the government’s legislative agenda, expect this to return at some point. Research at the Universities of Durham and Sheffield have shown that mandating a legal minimum price on alcohol can reduce alcohol misuse and over use.
Wind farms One component of a future that is less dependent on fossil fuels, wind farms cause controversy due to their expense, visual profile and efficiency.
Climate change The most controversial topic of our time. The vast majority of scientists are united in arguing that humans are causing the change and that politicians must act.
Education Should we test different ways of teaching before we roll them out to schools? Should the education system apply standards tests to all children, or tailor them depending on age and ability? Are exams the best way to test a child’s ability?

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